Open Air Ball Room

                    We have a new CONCEPT…. Makes your event UNIQUE

Plein air introduced a new concept of an Open Air Banquet Hall & Full Service Management Villa with Indoor & Outdoor Facility. This concept gathered all benefits of Open Air & indoor ballrooms in one place for hosting luxurious events. It also achieved the Villa privacy with 5 stars hotel management

We have our own tent so you will not need to rent. The tent is beautifully paved with marble, decorated with Teak wood pillars and a water proof white leather ceiling. It is totally closed by the state of the art mobile glass walls that could turn the indoor banquet hall, in few minutes, to an open air shade. The glass wall keeps the banquet hall warm or cool according to the need while allowing the guests to enjoy all the surrounding view & landscape. When open the tent area becomes the extended shade of the garden. The tent is provided with a central air-condition, heaters and fans in order to give you reliable comfort in case of any unforeseen weather change. The tent is fully equipped and has a built in enlightened plexi dance floor, kosha, glass tables, lighting system, projector & screen as well as the sound system.

The open Air area is providing a rich landscape with palm trees and flowers, a beautiful swimming pool. We have our own Gazebo too, so you will not need to rent if needed. Our open air banquet hall offers fantastic scenery and ambiance, particularly once the sun starts to set. Lantern lights and a fabulous sunset can create a really magical end to your ceremony. Also, our wedding garden site varies in size, and you can manage the space for big or small number of invitees.

If inclement weather should occur, we have a backup plan. The wedding venue’s event planning team can easily relocate the outdoor ceremony into an indoor banquet hall space in minutes, taking advantage of the splendid décor of the venue itself, while mixing in floral and greenery décor, So don’t worry about the weather. We also have our plan for bugs and flies by incorporating bug lanterns around your wedding space. Plus, portable cooling and warming units can create a very comfortable atmosphere for all of your guests in any season.

Our venue provides you with the privacy, as you are the only group of guests and the only function per day, no matter it is a small or a big ceremony. So don’t worry about noise or privacy because Plein Air is a magnificent oasis that guarantees your privacy even if you are at the outdoor as well as quietness.

You are invited to visit our VENUE, just give us a call to arrange a tour for you Related services:

• Emergency power generator of 210 kilo watt. • Security staff • Parking personnel • House keeping • Reliable maintenance staff • Suppliers

Plein Air open air banquet hall

Plein Air open air banquet hall

Plein Air open air banquet hall by night
Plein Air open air banquet hall

Plein Air open air banquet hall

Plein Air open air banquet hall by day time